So You Managed to Get Your Dream Girl’s Phone Number – Now What?

So you finally had the courage to call girls in karachi ask a cute girl for her phone number. It almost took everything you had to ask her for it. You probably can’t even believe that she really said yes and didn’t just give you the number for the local plumber. But now, you’re faced with the dilemma: how long do you wait to call her? And once you do get up the courage to call her – what the heck do you say to her?

If you’ve ever been faced with this situation you definitely know how nerve wrecking it can be to try to decide when you should call her. Most guys wait two to three days to call after they get a girl’s number. This seems to be the standard protocol; it doesn’t make you look too desperate, but you aren’t waiting so long that the girl will think you forgot about her.

What happens if you know you will see her in person before those two or three days have passed? You don’t want it to be awkward if you will run into her and you haven’t called her. So instead, you should probably compromise and at the very least send her a text message. This will also show her you are interested, but it won’t look like you are too interested. After all, you don’t want to ruin it by appearing too clingy.

If you don’t know the girl very well, it can be weird trying to think of what to say to her the first time you talk. You don’t want to just call and ask her out immediately. Plus if you just met her at the club you want to make sure that she remembers you. When you call her, definitely try to mention something that happened when you first met. This will jog her memory and make sure that she knows who is calling her. This way you can be sure that she will be excited to see you again once you do finally go out.


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