Golf Lessons – Set Your Goals and Shop For Them

Golf as it should be. - Vanderbilt Legends Club | Franklin TNGolf hook is one of the major difficulties and setbacks to an amateur golfer. There are a number of golf websites and golf training institutes that provide lessons to eradicate the hook in a golfer’s swing shot Golf Lessons Nashville . However not mere lessons could contribute in the improvement of play and avoiding the golf hook as golf in itself is a hard to master game requiring immense concentration, perfect balance and the perfect application of physics that could be achieved only when there is a lot of practice. Even pros and champions spend a lot of time practicing their shots in every possible venue from their backyard to practice golf sessions to achieve perfections especially with their swing shots.

To begin with it is important to understand what a golf hook is even before looking out for lessons to avoid it. When swinging in golf games, if the axis of the golf ball gets tilted to the left resulting in a counter clockwise spin of the golf ball and the golf ball ending up to the far left of the target line unintentionally, it is called a hook. The target line is the line that would connect the current position where the shot is taken to the hole which is actually the line that the golf ball is supposed to follow to be put into the hole. Needless to say that golf hook is an embarrassment to the golfer and makes putting all the more difficult with all the messed up trajectories.

A golf hook happens when the golf ball is not hit in a squarer fashion during the swing. Hitting squarer means that the head of the golf club should be at right angles to the golf ball during the impact in a golf swing; that lofts the golf ball up in a parabola with the target line as its axis. In other words, the face of the golf head should not be tilted during the impact and the club should end up perfectly at the target point. Conventionally this definition is based on a right handed game and if the golfer is a left hander (and he plays left handed which is not often the case), the directions should be reversed. To many amateur golfers this is a tough deal and golf lessons in websites and the golf lessons provided by trainers to avoid golf hooks are centered on making the swing squarer.

Most golf lessons that are targeted towards reducing hooks concentrate on something called strong grip. According to these golf swing lessons, there should be a delicate balance between too much grip and too less grip. When having three or more knuckles on the club during the swing, the club tends to close inwards during the impact and hence the axis of the golf ball gets changed resulting in a hook. Most of these lessons recommend a two knuckle firm grip to ensure that just the right amount of grip and a far squarer shot is played in the swing.

So the title of this article might not sound like something to do with golf, how ever shopping for and taking golf lessons should be done just like shopping for any other service. When you’re looking for a company to paint your house, re-shingle your roof, or pave your driveway do you only check one place? Didn’t think so, so it makes sense to do the same for golf lessons.

When looking for golf lessons the first thing you need to decide is how you want to learn. Do you want to enroll for private one-on-one lessons with an instructor? Enroll in a golf school where a pro teaches several people at once, or try your hand at golf instructional videos from home. All of these scenarios will improve your game pending you do the work necessary. There is no silver bullet for golf improvement.

Private lessons will be the most expensive, before you start shopping you should have a clear idea of your price point, and stick to that. Higher end courses and practice facilities will likely have a higher price for lessons. How ever that doesn’t always mean you’ll receive better quality instruction. Look for experienced instructors, again they will generally be higher priced, but they’ll be able to fix your troubles quicker. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can meet the instructor before agreeing to lessons, you’re going to be paying a premium dollar for their services so it only makes sense that you should feel comfortable in them as a person and their skills as a teacher.

If it’s a golf school you’re considering, ask what the student to instructor ratio is for most classes. Like regular school with less students you receive more one-on-one time with the instructor. This is a good thing since most golf schools tend to bombard you with golf information in a very short period of time. Golf schools can be excellent for beginner and intermediate golfers who have taken no instruction before. You’ll likely receive an excellent overview of the full swing, and some finer points of the game.

A word about golf instructional videos is probably called for here. If you’re a beginner golfer then some of the instructional videos available today would be a wise investment to a further understanding of the basics of swing mechanics and consistency. How ever, if you are an intermediate to experienced amateur golfer a lesson or two will likely cure what ails you much quicker, then watching a catalog of dvd’s.

If you’re a beginner consider videos as a viable primer or instructional method from home, if you need the reinforcement of someone right there ensuring you’re doing everything right then a weekend golf school might be the answer. How ever for advanced golfers trying to work on specific parts of their game private lessons are probably worth the money.

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