Future gravel crusher sand mining equipment such as the growth rate stable

Being a leading company in Industrial powder processing, Engineering Stone crushing and Construction Sand Making, Zhengzhou Vipeak Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd is a high-tech mining machinery company in China. Our service has expanded to the entire world, almost including 75 countries.

Data indicated that during the second five,Guest Posting China mining machinery (crushers, sand making machine, industrial milling machine), construction machinery will continue to be steady growth rate of 17% growth for three reasons.
First, China’s urbanization rate is 47%, which compared with 80% of urbanization in developed countries there is still much room for growth, and the country is also increasing urbanization in the implementation efforts, enough to support this part of our mining stone machinery, construction sand making machinery, construction machinery industry increased steadily.
Second, the emerging industry to become the strategic focus of China’s economic development, so future high-capacity long-equipment manufacturing prospects are very bright. Jumping Jack Vibratory Rammer 
Third, although China’s tightening monetary policy, fiscal policy is still active, the future growth rate of fixed asset investment is still able to maintain 20% growth, such a growth rate of investment in fixed assets is calculated, the second five at the end China mining machinery, engineering machinery sales will reach 900 billion is not a problem.
China mining machinery, engineering machinery industry’s rapid development over the past 10 years, thanks to national policy, but during the second five, the country’s policy to enter a period of adjustment. In high-speed development, the industry actually needs some adjustment to future growth of open space, mining machinery, engineering machinery industry should seize the opportunity of adjustment during the second five, and strive to organizational innovation, innovation, and increase overseas M & A to make the future to more healthy and sustainable development.
China has become the world’s construction machinery, mining machinery is the largest market, China’s right to speak is very small, because China’s construction machinery, mining machinery industry compared with foreign countries, there are technical standards, safety standards are not uniform and many other the bottleneck, while China’s construction machinery, mining machinery industry to keep learning, to get rid of the kinds of impact the core components.
China and developed countries, there are still a large gap between China’s mining machinery, engineering machinery future direction of the high-end equipment, intelligence and equipment. China in the future if they can be resolved within five to ten years of independent research and development of high-end components, then the voice in the world will be able to upgrade.
China’s manufacturing industry to achieve the future of information technology, technology to transform traditional manufacturing industries. If you want to break up the core components, we must strive to achieve self-development or acquisitions abroad.

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