A Simplified Guide To buying Diamond jewelry

So, it’s time to purchase that important diamond ring. Or, maybe you are in the market for some new diamond earrings to make your face look lovely. You might find many terms that are used regularly, and having a basic grasp of them will help to improve your buying experience.

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The first thing you might be 求婚戒指 asking yourself is, what exactly is a carat? A carat is the measure of the weight of your gem. Basically, the larger the carat, the larger the stone. Often times, larger carat gems are more expensive than smaller carat gems. This is not always the case though, read on to learn more about the other elements that influence the price of your stone.

Next in line to the carat size is the color of your stone. Diamonds come in many different colors, from clear to yellow to blue or black. A diamond that is very clear, without any cloudy appearance or inclusions, will be the most expensive. This diamond will also be the most sought after. If your diamond is a very rare color, such as black, this can also increase the price and value of your stone.

There are many different cuts of a diamond. Sometimes the cut is a matter of personal preference, some people prefer oval while others prefer princess for instance. Other times, the cut involves quality in that it is a determination of the depth and width of your stone compared to the raw stone it was cut from. These factors can influence the price, and value, of your stone. A good cut will provide for a brighter diamond that shows clarity and light-emitting qualities. Consider this when making your purchase.

When you are inspecting the diamond that you hope to purchase, always use magnification. A good quality magnifier will show you imperfections that you might not have otherwise seen. This will also give you a good view of the exact color and cut of your stone. A quality jeweler can point out specifics about your stone under magnification that your naked eye most certainly would have missed. Ask your jeweler to do so, and consider the qualities they mention when making your purchasing decisions.

Finally, when you select your stone always make sure to ask about the warranty. You want to know that your diamond is warrantied against any breaks (which are rare in a quality stone). You also want to make sure that the jeweler is backing up the claim that this is an authentic diamond. Make sure that any warranty information is provided in writing. Also be sure you have a clear grasp of the warranty specifics.

A diamond is a gift that will last forever. Because of this, making the right selection is extremely important. In this article, we have provided you with a basic explanation of diamond related terms, and given you some sound advice for selecting your stone. Use these tips wisely and enjoy your shopping experience.

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